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Norbert Leo Butz speaks up against violence against women 

This is why I love him

This hits even harder when you remember that Norbert’s sister was raped and murdered a few years ago. 

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it’s hard talking entitlement and generational differences and how maybe not all millennials suck but the economy and political atmosphere do and we dont’ want to deal with that shit when one of your sisters is 17 years older than you and doesn’t get how the technology boom and the recent recession (that actually could be labeled a depression by economists it was so bad) have hurt our generation as well

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glee confession blogs should stop tagging hate jfc

or anything that’s just like…not of use???? to anyone????? ever??????

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Glee: Marley Rose [ISFJ]



Introverted Sensing (Si): Marley feels comfortable joining the Glee Club, and quickly fits in. She enjoys participating in group activities, and revisiting themes, songs, and ideas from the past. Her initial few weeks at school are difficult, because the experience is similar to a bad former experience in her last school. Marley has trouble letting go of it and moving on, until her friends accept her (and her mom!) for who she is. She is serious and down to earth in her approach to the music, and happy to turn up to each practice session.


Extroverted Feeling (Fe): She cares very much how others perceive her, which causes her to temporarily become bulimic when that fear manifests into unhealthy purging (at the encouragement of a rival). Oh her best days, though, Marley has no trouble offering others affirmation, openly admiring them, accommodating their needs, and expressing herself emotionally, both through direct admissions and conversation and her music. She feels protective of her mother, and is devastated when her illness causes the Glee club to be dropped out of a competition.


Introverted Thinking (Ti): Her articulate way with words captivates others, and helps her get straight to the point – but frequently, with tact when dealing with other people’s flaws. Marley notices when things seem amiss and takes an interest in correcting them. She is analytical enough to notice the behavior of the boy she likes, and know that his womanizing won’t make her happy, so she politely but firmly lays down their dating rules.


Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Though she comes up with creative routines and is very excited about new ideas, Marley struggles to sense the truth about her “friends” and doesn’t always know when she is being manipulated.

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“@alinaliaa: The sonority girls #behindthescene shooting of The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks! With Melissa Benoist and Britt Robertson”

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Marley Rose + Colors: Green


This is me and Kate Miller Heidke. Yes, we are officially best friends. But don’t worry, fame won’t go to my head. KATE MILLER HEIDKE!!! ❤️❤️

Pretty Little liars Meme: [5/8] characters

→ “Am I responsible? Am I just destroying everything that I touch?”

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make me choose
↳ taystee or poussey (asked by mybodywakesup)

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