Melissa attends the People’s Choice Awards 2016

I have added photos of Melissa from the 2016 People’s Choice Awards. The awards were held at at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California (January 06). Melissa looked gorgeous as she spoke onstage! Check out the photos below.

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  1. Quick questions:- Who are the investors that will be present?- What is the average investment (in $Jm) that will be available for good ideas that investors are interested?- Will be the best pitches go through a business incubator (either in lieu of investment or as a part of the maturation process)?

  2. am, you are a good Anon. I always appreciate your honest and insightful advice. Chicago is a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. Too cold in the winter for the kid. Sorry. :(Republicans win the Wis. recall. Republicans win 4 out of 6.Republicans have a great chance at picking off at least one Democrat next week.Was the net gain of 1 seat worth 15+ million $ Libs?"Yes, and 20 Mil from the Koch Brothers lost you one. Thanks Mell, did you bring an offering plate?

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