Glee AUs

Most of these are TV related, but since I’m also a supporter of The Kum-ger Games, I’ll just call these AUs. All of them have links to the tag, but that’s not promising any posts at all. I like making these casts but that doesn’t mean I do more than cast them. Most of these have a puckurt bend because, for one, everything good is puckurt, and, two, it’s the main thing I will try to see.


Scrubs!Glee was my first AU I made. I reblogged most everything I did for it from my old blog, but check out the scrubs!glee tag on xlessxthanx3x for more info!

This is how it’s “casted” as it were:

Passing Ships: One sided Kurtofsky (plus a date mentioned in one episode), Kinn kiss, one sided St. Berry, Samchel, Fuinn
Strong Friendships: unending Pinn/Fuck bromance, Furt, Kurtcedes, eventual Hummelberry, all of them are friends on some level
Endgame Ships: Puckurt, Finchel, Santofsky, Fabang, Artie/High Fives


So far the only for sure casting is


I’m constantly trying to perfectly cast this, but all I know for sure is that it would obviously involve:

This also goes along with my fic Haaaave You Met Puck?, a crossover where Puck meets Barney and the gang when he starts working at Maclaren’s. He re-meets Kurt and finds out that he’s Barney’s cousin (though he calls him Uncle Barney). Eventually Puck tries to win over Kurt by using the techniques Barney used in the past.


Most of these posts would be over at my old blog, but I know the casting would consist of


Like the rest of these, most posts will be on my old blog.

Pretty Little Liars!Glee
  • Aria - Kurt (fashionable and artistic)
  • Ezra - Sam (thought it could very well be Puck with the pregnant storyline but shh Mr. Wilkerson)
  • Emily - Marley (quiet person who grows to be more confident)
  • Alison - Kitty (she convinced someone to have an eating disorder okay she is cray cray)
  • Spencer - Quinn (overachieving)
  • Toby - Puck
  • Hanna - Brittany (doesn’t think before she speaks)
  • Caleb - Santana
  • Jenna - Rachel
  • Wren - Schue
  • Mona - Tina
  • Maya -
  • Paige - (these are really hard to decide like it needs to be someone you could see with Marley but still fit the personalities and still be female so :/)


Not all of them, but here’s a start. Ask me if you want the specific cast lists (not all of them have all the characters cast, but I will do my best to help):