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Glee – ‘Dynamic Duets’ Exclusive Video

Next week’s episode of Glee, fittingly titled “Dynamic Duets,” finds the New Directions crew joining Blaine’s superhero club at McKinley. The time couldn’t be better for the kids to don super identities since the Warblers return and are bent on revenge. But naturally the focus of the episode is still on music. “Seeing the popularity of this club, Fin decides to come up with a lesson called “’Dynamic Duets,’” teases co-creator Ryan Murphy. “He puts people together who are unlikely duet partners and who are not getting along, so like Marley and Kitty are together and Jake and Ryder are together. There’s a lot of great superhero-themed numbers. We do REM’s ‘I am Superman,’ Bonnie Tyler’s ‘I Need a Hero,’ David Bowie’s ‘Hero.’”

EW already exclusively debuted the photos of the cast in their superhero garb. But now we can exclusively premiere a special trailer, narrated by Chord Overstreet himself, below…


Glee Episode Stills


Glee > Season 4 > Episode Stills > 4×06 – Glease
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Glee 4×07 Promo “Dynamic Duets”

4×06 – “Glease” Screencaps

Glee > Season 4 > Screen Captures > 4×06 – Glease

4×05 – “The Role You Were Born to Play” Caps

Glee > Season 4 > Screen Captures > 4×05 – The Role You Were Born to Play

GLEE – Sneak Peek: “Glease”

Glee 4×06 Promo “Glease”

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