Anonymous said: how can you say the song's not about Japan, she screeches "KUH-WA-EE" and "MINNA SAIKO-- ARIGATOU HELLO KITTY" like ten times. I understand that you like her but the supposed "hurt feelings" of a white singer who wanted to released another song(which is an excuse dont buy) will never be worse than asian-americans getting that shit blasted at them by ignorant white people now. or more artists thinking its OK to use asian women as literal props like Gwen,Katy or Avril.I know u like Avril but cmon.

I’m not denying that she says Japanese words but she’s not talking about Japan the song is literally about oral sex on a woman. I never said she should keep those things in there. And actually, yes, she did want to release another song. Like literally her tweets were about how she was going to release “Give You What You Like” complete with a video and then it suddenly turned into “Hello Kitty”. Don’t tell me about Avril, okay, she’s open about what she likes.

And you can’t compare her to Gwen Stefani who literally sang, “I dress them wicked/I give them names”. Avril never actually renamed the dancers in her video. And I doubt she’s going to use them repeatedly like Gwen did.

I’m not even complaining about her feelings being hurt because I have no idea if she even knows this shit storm that she caused since she’s still on tour. I was just saying I hate the video and wished she was trending for her other songs and videos or that they had done a better video. Don’t stick words in my mouth.

I think the video is awful and has very racist elements to it. I also know that she probably wasn’t in charge of it because it doesn’t fit her usual style at all. I also know that she should apologize, but that doesn’t mean she’s the scum of the earth.

Anonymous said: okay but am I the only one that noticed hello kitty is a really good song for well talking about having sex/going down on someone who's dfab? because to be honest that's all I could picture half the time idk


And she’s not shy about what it’s about either? She talked about it on Chelsea Lately and she didn’t look particularly happy with the video imo. I think she would’ve preferred doing what it was about tbh.

But seriously, it’s about oral sex on a woman. When was the last time there was a pop song about oral sex on women? Like, seriously, tell me, I’m curious as to the last time someone wrote about it. I was waiting for queer baiting type names being thrown around, not this.

Hello Kitty; colour palette analysis (insp)


Come come, Kitty Kitty, you're so pretty pretty
Don't go Kitty Kitty, stay with me x

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Adjectives that describe Avril Lavigne.

Malibu, Califórnia (17/04/14)


Hello Kitty @ Tokyo, Japan -Mar 2014