Ah! que mes soeurs...reste au foyer
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Okay, so I know a few people wanted to hear this. This was the aria I sang in Cendrillon (due to the double casting, the other Cendrillon had the other two). This is from Sunday matinee which felt shakier to me than the Friday night one, but the Friday recording had a technical issue during the first act so this is the only recording I had. 

So, take a listen and hopefully enjoy! I’ve provided a rough translation over here.

"Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert

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Now they’re singing One Direction.

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Ria and Alex singing and Brittany and I complaining because they sound good!!!


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"Listen to the Music" performed by the Youth GALA choruses in Denver

I’m sobbing we ended up sounding and looking AMAZING!

Sailor Moon Theme Song (English Version)

you’re welcome world!!!!

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"Schelm, halt fest!" from Der Freischütz

I’m the blog of white and red there. My mom titled it wrong on YouTube and missed the very beginning, but yeah. It’s not much to watch due to the quality, but I’d love if you guys at least listened because I did a really good job and I’m just really happy and would love to hear your guys’ opinions :)

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How Great Thou Art
Alexandra Tiller
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"How Great Thou Art"

"Popular" from Wicked

Happy belated birthday, Bee! <3333

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