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2018 Mar 04

Waco: 1×06 – “Day 51” Screen Captures

Screen captures of part six of Waco (“Day 51”) have been added to the gallery. Did you enjoy the series? It was great seeing Melissa another project!

2018 Feb 28

Waco: 1×05 – “Stalling for Time” Screen Captures

2018 Feb 21

Waco: 1×04 – “Of Milk and Men” Screen Captures

I’ve added screen captures of last week’s Waco episode, 1×04 – “Of Milk and Men.”

2018 Feb 10

Waco: 1×03 – “Operation Showtime” Screen Captures

Screen captures of the latest Waco episode, 1×03 – “Operation Showtime,” have been added to the gallery!

2018 Feb 05

Interview Magazine

Melissa spoke to Interview Magazine with her Waco co-star Andrea Riseborough. Check out the photoshoot and interview below.

How Waco’s Andrea Riseborough and Melissa Benoist humanized a cult

INTERVIEW MAGAZINE – Waco is more than just a city in central Texas. It—the word, the place, everything Waco represents—is also a milestone, a landmark of religious fervor and governmental blunder in the sordid side of the American imagination often overlooked. It is synonymous with David Koresh, the self-proclaimed prophet that lived on the city’s fringes, the religious cult he presided over, and the military siege that left over 75 of its brainwashed members dead.

Waco is also the name of a new TV miniseries on the Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV). The show stars Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh who spars with FBI agent Gary Noesner, played by Michael Shannon. In only six episodes, it attempts to tell the stories of those both in and outside of the compound, often seeking to humanize the players on either side of a conflict without obvious “good” and “bad” guys.
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2018 Feb 05

Waco: 1×02 – “The Strangers Across the Street” Screen Captures

2018 Jan 29

Waco: 1×01 – “Visions and Omens” Screen Captures

I’ve added screen captures of the first episode of Waco, 1×01 – “Visions and Omens.”

2017 Sep 26

“Waco” Official First Look