Supergirl: 5×08 – “The Wrath of Rama Khan” Screen Captures

Hi, Melissa fans! I apologize for the lack of updates during 2018-19. I took a long break from sites, but I’m slowly getting back into it! I’ve added season five screen captures of Supergirl; including last week’s, 5×08 – “The Wrath of Rama Khan.” I plan to add the rest of season three and four later on.

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Melissa on Playing Broadway’s Carole King

Melissa Benoist On Playing Broadway’s Carole King, ‘Supergirl’s’ Topical Shift And ‘Glee’ Castmate Demi Lovato: Q&A

DEADLINE – Melissa Benoist broke out on television, but her original show business ideal was being where she is right now: Broadway. Her summer stint playing the lead in the long-running Beautiful: The Carole King Musical ends Saturday. The role has been an organic fit for Benoist, who grew up hearing King’s music while nurturing the ambition to one day make it to the Great White Way. “I am essentially living out my childhood dream,” Benoist said.

Beyond checking off a big professional box, though, the show’s message of female empowerment continues to resonate for Benoist as she resumes shooting Supergirl. She has taken inspiration from the real-life character. King wrote dozens of hit songs for others to sing, but then overcame personal challenges such as divorce, single motherhood and making her way in the male-dominated music industry, soon creating her masterpiece, the 1971 album Tapestry.

Interest from Benoist’s fans helped drive last week’s box office for the show to $845,619.50, up from last week’s $736,538 and $150,000 ahead of the same week a year ago. On Friday, King herself watched the performance and then joined the curtain call with a reprise of “I Feel The Earth Move.”
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“Billy Boy” Trailer

Waco: 1×06 – “Day 51” Screen Captures

Screen captures of part six of Waco (“Day 51”) have been added to the gallery. Did you enjoy the series? It was great seeing Melissa another project!

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