2018 Apr 26

“Billy Boy” Trailer

2018 Mar 04

Waco: 1×06 – “Day 51” Screen Captures

Screen captures of part six of Waco (“Day 51”) have been added to the gallery. Did you enjoy the series? It was great seeing Melissa another project!

2018 Feb 28

Waco: 1×05 – “Stalling for Time” Screen Captures

2018 Feb 21

Waco: 1×04 – “Of Milk and Men” Screen Captures

I’ve added screen captures of last week’s Waco episode, 1×04 – “Of Milk and Men.”

2018 Feb 10

Waco: 1×03 – “Operation Showtime” Screen Captures

Screen captures of the latest Waco episode, 1×03 – “Operation Showtime,” have been added to the gallery!

2018 Feb 10

Supergirl: 3×13 – “Both Sides Now” Screen Captures

2018 Feb 07

COVETEUR Interview & Photoshoot

Melissa was interviewed and photographed for COVETEUR. View the interview and photoshoot below.

The Life-Changing Lesson Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist Learned From Her On-Screen Alter Ego

COVETEUR – We spoke with the actress about her mini-series Waco, crossword puzzles, and connecting to dogs.
So, a superhero enters a bar. It sounds like beginning of a way-too-corny joke that’s only mildly funny at the end, but in this case, it’s how we met Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist. Just replace the word “bar” with Toro NYC. And make the punch something about the fact that as we waited for everyone else to arrive, the actress treated herself that day’s crossword puzzle, all while looking—literally!—powerful in a kickass, all-black, leather suit.

Still, it isn’t exactly fair to *only* reference Benoist’s role on the CW hit (even if she did arrive looking quite superhero-ish). She has plenty of other big credits under her belt as well, including Glee from back in the day and, most recently, the Paramount Network’s mini-series, Waco, which airs on Wednesday nights and tells the story of the ’90s siege involving a religious cult. We spoke with Melissa on why she was initially intrigued by the role, her open struggle with anxiety, and her real-life super power (which might actually top any we’ve seen on TV).
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2018 Feb 06

Melissa for The Laterals

THE LATERALS – To say that Melissa Benoist has range is an understatement. The familiar face from Supergirl and Glee has vaulted onto a dramatic piece on Paramount Network. Benoist plays Rachel Koresh, the enigmatic wife of David Koresh, and the mini-series explores the trials and struggles of the Branch Davidians’ standoff with the Federal government. The storytelling captivates audiences with its raw look, yet approaches the couple’s relationship with a tenderness that is often misplaced. Melissa Benoist has an unrivaled gamut of strength, which cannot be tethered.
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